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Terms & Conditions for Alpaca Walking

Licence for walking alpacas:

We are licensed with the South Oxfordshire District Council, Animal Welfare Act 2006 to Keep or Train Animals for Exhibition.

 Click here to view our licence.

We subscribe to the British Alpaca Society Code of Conduct for Alpaca Trekking.

Once a booking is paid for we can not offer refunds except in exceptional circumstances at our discretion.

If you find yourself in Covid-19 isolation we will move your booking to a new date if we are given 24 hours notice.

If you find you have Covid-19 symptoms please contact us to reschedule your walk.


Under no circumstances will walkers be allowed to take part in walk with any type of open top shoe, flip flops or high heels.

Suitable sturdy footwear must be worn.

The walk will take place on our farm and we will endeavour to make sure walkways are clear but it is a farm and the ground can be uneven and can be muddy at various times of the year and can be slippy underfoot.

You will need to walk over a disinfectant matt before entering the farm.  This is for farm biosecurity and protecting the health of the alpacas.

Arrival times and age restrictions:

Please arrive in good time for your walk (15 minutes before walk start time), we walk as a group and we cannot hold up the rest of the group for a few.

If you are late for your walk we will not refund your walk or reschedule it.

All participants must be over 12 years old to walk an alpaca independently. Children between 8 – 12 years can walk an alpaca on a double lead with a paying accompanying adult.

Cancellations & rescheduling walks do to weather:

If the temperature is over 26 Celsius we will reschedule your walk.

We will walk earlier in the day or reschedule for another day. 

I appreciate that this may not be convenient but the welfare of our animals and our walkers is our main concern.

If we have to cancel any walk for any reason out of our control we will either reschedule your walk or offer a full refund.

We will walk in most weather conditions unless it is unsafe to do so.

If a walk is cancelled we will reschedule your walk.

Health & Safety:

Everyone visiting the farm must be aware that all animals (alpacas included) can carry pathogens that may be harmful to your health.

It is important that you listen to instructions given to you by your guide and follow instructions on any signage around the farm.

It is very important that you wash your hands with soapy water before you come onto the farm and again before you leave.

Please do not put your hands in your mouth after touching the animals and to make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you eat.

Listening to Guidance:

Everyone booking a walk with an alpaca agrees to listen and follow all guidance concerning health and safety given to them by your guide prior to taking part in their walk.

Guides have the right to refuse anyone to take part in the walk who is not following guidance.